Monday, May 18, 2009

Oregon Trail Rally 2009

4th year of the Oregon Trail Rally and it's been the best one yet. Sanctioned around Mt hood area and Portland for the first time, I can't wait for next years.

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Jason Grahn gets ready for his new ride.

Blockwood Credit

Ken Block and Alex Gelsomino launch down the pit lane of Portland International Raceway

Rally Fans got to enjoy a 270 degree view of the cars on the fir mountain stage.

The Hintz brothers head up the hill on Gilhouley while Mt. Adams lurks in the background.

Carl Jardevall and Jason Grahn sideways up Gilhouley on Saturday.

The sun goes down, but the Rally keeps on going.

Zero wind on Fir Mountain on Saturday made for some lingering dust.

Andrew Comrie Picard and Robbie Durant reaching almost 100mph on a downhill through Ketchum Stage

-no caption needed-

Jeff Price and Paul Eklund decide to get me wet on Fir Mountain Saturday.

Oak Trees surround most of the Katchum stage

Matt Johnson and Pat Moro are nice enough to give the spectators some rally information after they DNF'd

Arkadiusz Gruszka and Lukasz Wronski give the Spectators a show on Fir Mountain.

Mark Mager and Miller Dumaoal set off for the PIR spectators Friday.

Travis Pastrana and Christian Edstrom speed past spectators on the motocross track Friday.

The Hintz brothers driving cleanly once again.

Ken and Alex flying down Ketchum stage on Sunday.

Carl Jardevall and Jason Grahn pushing 100+ through Ketchum Sunday.

An HDR image of Mt Adams atop the Fir Mountain spectator point.

The top 3 of the Super Production Class

ACP and Robbie Durant pushing hard through Fir Mountain Sunday.

Team Poland wrapping up service Friday night at PIR

George Georgakopoulos & Faruq Mays mobbing through Fir Mountain Spectator Saturday.

T-Pain and Mr. Edstrom light up the brakes heading through the PIR chicane

Carl Jardevall and Jason Grahn cross the finish line on SS1 Friday.

A look inside Andy Mancin's Evolution 9

AC ^ CD stands for Adam Craig and Carl Decker

ACP and Robbie get wet on stage 10

Tanner Faust and Chrissie Beavis in Service Friday afternoon.

#199 Flying up the hill to Fir Mountain Spectator.

Arkadiusz Gruszka and Lukasz Wronski line up for Saturday nights PIR festivities.

Dave Mirra and Derek Ringer on SS15 Sunday.

KB going over some things with an SRT crew member before heading out Sunday Morning.

Scenic Mt. Hood was everywhere as dust trails from Rally Cars lead up to it.

Fans PACKED the parc' expose' @ PIR Friday.

Ken and Alex having a fun run Sunday.

Mark Fox and Jake Blattner start off on Ketchum Sunday.

Congratulations to Jimmy and Melissa Keeney for their 2nd place finish in SP!

Dave and Derek lighting up all 4 around the tires @ PIR Friday.

TP and Christian lift a tire in the Friday Sunset @ PIR

Literally 100's of fans lined the road to watch on Saturday's fir mountain stage

Mike Goodwin and Tina Warner make their way through the switchback up Fir Mountain

George Georgakopoulos and Faruq Mays lock um up at the end of the 1/4 mile at PIR.

Team Jardevall Oregon Trail 2009

Don Conley and Christopher Herlache pass spectator point II on Fir Mountain.

#43 takes a shortcut through the infield on Friday @ PIR

Subaru's Daily dig's

Spectators lined the motocross track to watch the special stages Friday.

Mark Tabor and John Elkin drive away from Mt Hood on Fir Mountain Sunday.

Mark and Jake flying up Gilhouley Saturday

The Hintz Brothers ready for a dip.

Jimmy and Melissa Keeney securing the 2nd place spot.

Mt Adams in Washington watches over the cars heading up the hill Saturday.

Ken and Alex ready for some fun Friday night @ PIR

Green Means Go

The Scenery was Endless.

Service for 40 and 43 Friday Night

TP manages to swing wide and honky his horn for the fans at the same time

Ken and Alex through Fir Mountain one last time

Jeff and Paul get ready to head through the Special Stage @ PIR Friday night.

Travis and Christian just blew off the Fiestagating like it was no big deal :(

It was not a bad view to wait for the start of Ketchum on Sunday.

Burak Tuglu and Carrie Wilburn on Ketchum

#43 Launches on Gilhouley, Saturday.

Jimmy and Melissa chasing down Mirra.

Matt Johnson and Jeremy Wimpey light up all 4 @ PIR Friday.

Mt Hood, just several miles Southwest of where the rally took place.

Wide open fields on Ketchum made for a fast part of the stage.

An HDR Image of the Columbia River across from Rally HQ

The Hansen's head up Gilhouley Saturday.

Dave and Derek set off for the first stage @ PIR Friday.

Carl and Jason fly through Spectator II Sunday.

Tanner Faust and Chrissie Beavis secured a 2nd place spot.

A look at the Carbon Skidplate on #20

#199 on Cruise Control

The Hintz brothers Friday night @ PIR

Thanks for looking!


Nick said...

sicker then my shit after 3 seven layer burritos from taco bell!

St Paddy said...

Awesome Photo's!!

Anonymous said...

Saw a link to this site from Giant bikes website. Have really missed rallying after moving to America from England and spending weekend after weekend spectating and marshalling/safety radio on events exactly like this. These photos are awesome and I so want to see some rallying again but Florida doesn't have anything that I have seen so far. Again they are some really awesome photos.

Neil From Orlando FL

Anonymous said...


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