Sunday, June 5, 2011

Silver Peak June 5th 2011

So stoked to get back out to Silver Peak, Brendon, Drake and I were able to get out there in Redonk sun and good snow, kicked up the BBQ and had a fab time. Took up the camera and the go pro fortress to capture the siqness. Not bad for June 6th EH

Check the vid I spent way too much time on:

The spot

Me Skiing and sledding at the same time booyah!


Lookout from the top

Drake dropping in

Brendon making a run

Epic BBQ Time

Poor Brendon :(

Notice my sick sled rolls on the right side

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Snoqualmie BC 3.6.11

Drake and I head up to the soft spot again for some freshies, Way better than resort ski garbage. Dug a snow pit, got some decent stability so partied on.


Drake Doing an AK Block

Our lines for the day.

Drake doing the normal thing he does

Looking east from Swan

Towards Margeret

And finally, Me

White Pass Winter Carnival 3.5.11

Went to WP with Drake and Mark, Met Dan up there and had some nice untracked runs in the back expansion area, felt it was about time I start taking pictures again so I brought the camera along, of course my fail friends wear dark clothing :(.

Winter Carnival Princess (me in 2 years)

Mark Freshies

ND Tree Slashing

z Carnival!

ND Northwest Signature

Epic Tailgate Fortress